Marking The Box For Speaker Holes

A simple way to mark where to cut holes for the 
PA speakers to start building your Objective Box.​

You better download this: 
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Cutting Speaker Holes

Easier than it sounds. A little patience and careful cutting for 
two nice openings to insert the PA speakers.

​Caution advised when wielding a blade!
Mounting The PA Speakers in The Box

You get to use power tools for this one. 
Four holes and your good to go! 

Amplifier & Wiring Preparation

Become a "Certified Objective Box Electrician" after 
viewing this video. Okay, not really but you will find out 
how to install wire leads to connect to your battery here.
Foam Filling & Battery Installation 

An incredibly easy way to install a battery while adding 
robustness to your Objective Box. Don't feed the beast! 
Resist the urge to fill the box to the top or else 
a "blob monster" emerges! 

40% is full enough!
Optional Battery Installation 

Yup we have options! This battery install method allows 
for a more compact box but does require a bit more wiring. 

Don't worry, it's not difficult.
Amplifier Wiring & Installation

The second and final course on how to become 
a Certified Objective Box Electrician. 

Congrats! Your almost done! 
iOS Device Placement & Protection

Do you have protection big boy? 
Get your mind out of the gutter as we show you 
the best methods for protecting your Apple device while 
installed in your Objective Box. 
Charging the Battery

Got to have power to play. This is a very simple
way to charge your Objective Box battery before 
you head out to the field.

Advanced Wiring Suggestions

Slightly more advanced wiring that will make your 
Objective Box better than before. Now you're thinking, 
"Is that even possible?" I know, right?
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